Wide range of experience and an established team of consultants
guarantee success in achieving even very complicated implementations.


Sevenbridge was created in 2004.
        We specialize in solutions based on Lotus Domino technology. We offer the implementation of standard Lotus Notes environment and also the creation of applications based on ready-made and individual database solutions.                                     Our product range is supplemented with a wide range of consulting, training, and programming services.                                               It is possible to integrate Sevenbridge’s solutions with existing systems: SAP R/3, IFS, Impuls BPSC,
CDN, Teta, Symfonia, PC Business, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, SQL, CIMALEX etc.
We have been an authorized IBM partner since 2004.

We have created hundreds of database solutions.
        All our consultants have many years’ experience in designing and implementing solutions based on Lotus Notes technology. An experienced and established team guarantees success in achieving even very complicated implementatins. We are constantly improving our solutions in line with current technological developments in order to meet the needs of the market and that of our customers.

        Each project is treated individually to suit our customer expectations and solutions can be modified according to requirements during the development process.

        Over 90 large companies from across Europe are our regular customers.
We can create applications in any language. 

 Michał Petlic